To support the mental wellbeing of people working in the health and social care sector, NHS England is funding NHS services like 'Here for You' across the country. 

Here for You provides confidential and expert support. Our qualified psychological practitioners offer this through either one to one or group sessions. We will work with you to decide which is the best option for you. 

One to one options

We are sorry to announce that Here for you is not currently accepting referrals for one to one support or bespoke team sessions. This is due to the very high volume of referrals that we are receiving. This pause does not affect anyone who is already receiving support from our service.

Our Live Workshops are still available to book.

We will keep the situation under review and as soon as we are able to start taking requests for one to one and bespoke team sessions again, we will post an announcement on our website. Please accept our apologies for this disruption to the service. Please contact your organisation to discuss other support options. 

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or emotional distress, please contact our 24 hour Mental Health Crisis Helpline on: 0800 915 4644. You can also visit one of our out of hours Safe Havens in person or virtually for advice and support from a mental health practitioner.


One to one sessions offer you space to talk about how you are feeling with one of our qualified mental health practitioners (including psychologists, CBT therapists, occupational therapists). Our sessions can be carried out virtually or on the phone. We offer psychological support using evidence based practice and NICE guidance to support you with a range of issues that may be affecting your wellbeing. This includes coping with loss or grief, managing stress or anxiety at work or at home and addressing trauma. 

SHAPE coaching is an outreach programme developed by the University of Oxford that offers evidence-based psychological support to staff through weekly bitesize telephone coaching. SHAPE draws on aspects of CBT and is designed particularly for staff who may be at risk of developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Depression.

Wellbeing Plans are a practical tool designed to help you support your own mental health at work and if you are a team lead or manager it can be used to help you support the mental health of individuals within your team. We offer this as a single 1:1 session and you do not have to be struggling with your emotional or mental health to gain the benefits.

Group workshops 

Live group workshops are offered each month, covering a range of issues, such as vicarious trauma, sleeping well, bereavement, managing Long Covid, stress and burnout and developing resilience through self compassion etc. 

Pre-recorded workshops offer the same content as our live workshops and provide opportunities for self-reflection. They help you to develop your own toolkit of coping strategies and allow you to listen at your own convenience. If you would like to access a pre-recorded workshop, please get in touch.

We offer bespoke team sessions to suit the need of a team, for example if a team has gone through a number of changes or is coping with significant loss, or experiencing burnout. A qualified practitioner can provide the team with a safe place to discuss and reflect on difficulties. The sessions allow a team to focus on how they can support each other and work more effectively. 

To find out more about the types of support we provide and what might be right for you, please explore our website or contact us