Since our service launched in January 2021, we have helped a wide range of people to cope with negative effects on their mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

No two stories are the same, and the symptoms you experience may be different from your friends or colleagues. The same can be said for recovery, and what works for one person may be different for others. 
Our main aim is to help you reach a place where you can feel more like yourself, giving you the tools and processes to manage negative emotions and triggers when they arise, leaving you feeling stronger and able to cope with the day to day challenges of work and home life. 

On this page we have shared some feedback from people we have worked with, and asked people to share their stories to help understand how Here for You can help you. 

Sam is an NHS worker who found herself feeling low and anxious working during the pandemic, and she sought support from the Resilience Hub in her local NHS Trust. Here she tells us her story: 

“The Covid support team was very professional, empathetic with good listening skills, which I needed so I could talk about this difficult time I am going through.”

Lots of practical tips and advice which I could apply day to day. Ongoing support until I was starting to improve and become stronger.”

“The team were able to create a warm and supportive environment…The content was interesting and varied and the facilitating was gentle and kind.”

“The bespoke session was a resounding success, great engagement and pacing. Facilitated perfectly with enough time for user engagement”

“Our facilitators were amazing. They were clearly knowledgeable on the subject, deliver it well in a timely fashion. Listened to us a reassured us”

“That was the best wellbeing session I've ever attended”

“Being able to speak about and share experiences of ourselves and others. Also, a "listening ear" of someone who really understands was so beneficial. Helped in making me feel less isolated and on my own.”

"I found the facilitators to be very validating and I really enjoyed the peer support of hearing others’ experiences.” 

“The session was excellent and created a really nice atmosphere for people to feel understood, welcome, and like they could be open about their experiences.”