As a manager, it’s important for you to look after the wellbeing of your team as well as yourself. If you notice that someone is struggling to cope, or that your team needs some support, we can help. 

We can provide guided team support from a team of NHS psychologists and wellbeing practitioners, through live workshops, pre-recorded workshops or bespoke team workshops developed for the specific issues you might be facing. 

We can also help you to understand how to support your team through challenging times, with ideas for discussion topics, or onward referrals as required. 

Remember to take time for yourself as well. The responsibility of caring for others can be overwhelming, and you may have noticed signs of stress in your own behaviour, too. Whether you are looking for support for a colleague, your team or for yourself, we are Here for You.

The Executive Suite has been designed to support senior leaders working across the health and care system (CEO, AO, Chair, PCN Clinical Director, NED, Lay members, Executive Directors or equivalent). 

The suite includes a comprehensive package of supportive offers and resources that are designed to support you to remain a resilient leader, continue to thrive in your role, and set cultures that value the importance of health and wellbeing. This includes:

  • Seminars from internationally renowned and prominent health and care experts
  • Access to virtual Action Learning Sets
  • Curated resources
  • Access to 1:1 psychological support 
  • Access to mentoring
  • Career development support
  • Signposting to regional support offers