In times of stress, it can feel hard to prioritise your wellbeing, and we often overlook our own needs in favour of caring for others. Basic needs like getting enough sleep, switching off from work, eating well and getting exercise can fall by the wayside when you are feeling overwhelmed, but they are important to keep your body and mind working well. 
If your working environment has changed, either in terms of where and how you work or the tasks you now must perform, it can cause you extra stress. There are lots of different resources available to help you understand how you can reduce causes of stress, focus on your own self-care, balance your emotional wellbeing and build resilience. 

  • Surrey Virtual Wellbeing Hub offers access to a range of free online events and services to help you connect with others and learn new skills. These include yoga, pilates, and wellness groups, as well as information on spiritual support and local faith groups. 
  • The Healthy Surrey website provides access to a range of useful information, resources, apps, training and other links all aimed at supporting people working in NHS, care, voluntary and third sector services during the pandemic. 
  • The self-care pages of the Frimley Health and Care website are a great source of useful information for people living in North East Hampshire, Farnham, and Surrey Heath.
  • If you work for the NHS, the Our NHS People website has wealth of resources for all staff, as well as specific information for managers including helplines, online guides, videos and coaching.