Whether you’ve used wellbeing support before or not, it can be hard to know what to expect. We speak to many people who feel uncertain about attending a workshop, and those who know they need help but aren’t sure where to start. 

Our service is open to everyone, and whatever your experience or expectation, we are Here for You

No, our service is completely free. 

Our workshops are designed to provide information and advice, and there is no expectation that anyone will talk about their own feelings or experiences. In all our live workshops and bespoke team sessions there are Safety Rules explained to everyone at the start.

You may find that after attending a workshop with us you need further support, we can help you to access either our Individual Psychological Support, or our Wellbeing Plans.

We will ask for a few initial details when you first register and we can also offer a one to one call to talk through your experiences to ensure we provide you with the best support available. If you’d like to request a one to one session, please get in touch 

Our sessions can cover a lot of information and you might find it useful to do some research in your own time. We can provide additional resources and websites where you will find helpful information that will help you to develop coping strategies and how to manage what you have been feeling. We will also help you to create a plan to maintain your own wellbeing that is effective with practice, so you will have suggestions for activities to try at work or at home.