We aim to provide a confidential service and try to limit the amount of information we require from you. When you contact us we seek your consent regarding the use of your data.

You may use a pseudonym if you wish to remain anonymous. If you provide a contact email that has your name within it, we wish to reassure you this data is confidential, stored securely and will not be shared.

Please see our privacy notice to find out more about how we use your personal data. 

This is a confidential service, but should you disclose any information that indicates a significant risk to yourself and/or others, we wish to inform you we would seek your consent to share your information in line with our Children Safeguarding and Adult Safeguarding policies in order to obtain the support you or others may need. In certain situations we may need to disclose information even if you do not consent; we would aim to discuss this with you.

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