At Here for You, we offer bespoke team sessions, where we can work with managers, and those in leadership roles, to develop a session tailored to the needs of their team or service. These sessions invite the team or service to come together in a safe place, taking time to support their wellbeing.

Our team sessions can cover a variety of topics, depending on what you and your team need. This may include how a team manages work pressure and stress, teams with high level of exposure to trauma in the workplace and teams coping with loss and change.

Alongside sessions with a particular focus, we can also offer a ‘reflective space’, where you and your team or service can come together to reflect on recent events openly and in a safe space.

Our bespoke team sessions are on offer for all staff working for SABP and our partner organisations.

What to expect:

  • These sessions can be held on MS Teams or face-to-face and can last between 90 minutes to two hours.
  • Thoughts, ideas, and discussions are welcome, although there is no obligation for people to share personal experiences.
  • We ask that people are respectful of their peers and any thoughts or ideas that are shared during the session.
  • We kindly ask that people arrive on time, and stay for the duration, so that they can gain the most from the session and avoid disruption to other attendees.
  • If the workshop is virtual, we ask all people to have their cameras on and give the session their full attention.

Please get in touch via email or through our referral form to discuss further and to book a bespoke team session with Here for You.