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Supporting the mental health of staff at work

In this podcast, we discuss how we can support the mental health of staff at work. We touch upon barriers to staff accessing wellbeing support, such as stigma and self-shame about reaching out for help. We also discuss the role and value of staff networks in enabling staff to feel seen and heard and the importance of implementing wellbeing conversations and reasonable adjustments in the workplace.

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Bridging the gap: Spirituality & Wellbeing

In this podcast we discuss the impact of spirituality on our wellbeing and the role that spirituality plays in staff members seeking support that may not be spiritually guided. We also discuss how we can best support our colleagues for who spirituality or faith is important. 

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Speaking to staff with lived experience 

In this podcast we discuss the value of staff bringing lived experience into the workplace and how we can get staff talking about this. We also discuss the challenges affecting staff with emotional and psychological needs in the workplace as well as what makes it easier or harder for staff to access mental health and wellbeing support.

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