We are a small but dedicated team of people focused on providing evidence-based support for people suffering with their mental health or wellbeing, and we are Here for You.

Maria Geoghegan.jpgHi, I’m Maria and I am the Clinical and Service Lead for the Staff Resilience Hub. I have been working in adult mental health as a counselling psychologist for over 20 years and my main area of clinical interest is trauma. I am also interested in how organisational culture impacts staff wellbeing. I have been the Clinical Lead of the Staff Resilience Hub since our launch in January 2021 and I feel privileged to have led this service, work with, and learn from, so many dedicated people across a range of health, social care and voluntary settings in Surrey and North East Hampshire. It is evident that the pandemic has raised the profile of both individual and organisational staff wellbeing and our shared commitment is to ensure that this remains a high priority well into the future. 


Sophie Dilley.jpgMy name is Sophie Dilley and I have been working as a Senior Counselling Psychologist with the Staff Resilience Hub since it was launched in December 2020. I have experience in a wide range of settings and am passionate about staff well-being, particularly in the face of COVID-19 and on-going stressors. I am interested in using compassion-focused approaches to helping support staff in leading meaningful and fulfilling lives both in and outside of work. 

Sophie P photo.PNGHello! I’m Sophie, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist at Here For You. I am also a registered Mental Health Nurse. I have worked in adult mental health services for the past 10 years, with my most recent experience, working in a psychosis service. Within my work, I have always admired and valued people’s resilience in times of struggle and adversity, which is ever prevalent now. This has led to a specialist interest in incorporating acceptance-based approaches into my work.


KM (002).jpgHi I’m Karen, Principal Clinical Psychologist for staff support. Although I am part of the wider Here for you service I am commissioned to work only with SASH staff and am based at East Surrey Hospital. I have worked in the NHS for 18 years and worked within both the voluntary and private sector. I have worked across child and adult services and spent the past 7 years working in a Community Mental Health Team with severe and enduring mental health difficulties. Through working in these varied settings, I developed an interest in staff support and an awareness of the importance of embedding high quality staff support to ensure compassionate patient care. The pandemic has really highlighted the impact of trauma on staff and the importance of investing in staff wellbeing.

SH.jpgHello, my name is Sabreena Hussain. I am a Trainee Clinical Psychologist based at the University of Surrey. I am also a Clinical Associate Psychologist (CAP) and have worked in various settings which include Community Mental Health and Inpatient settings. I am passionate about supporting others and acknowledge the difficulties that have been faced by many. This highlights the need for support services such as the Here for You service which I am looking forward to being a part of.

Lucy Copps.jpgMy name is Lucy and I am excited to have joined the team as an Assistant Psychologist, I am very passionate about supporting others with their mental health and wellbeing. I have previously worked in research based around dementia care in the community and have experience working across inpatient mental health settings, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Polly staff photo.jpgHello! I’m Polly and I’m thrilled to have joined the Here for You team as an Assistant Psychologist. I have experience of working in a specialist autism and mental health recovery school, as well as within an inpatient mental health service. Through this I have developed a keen interest in supporting the recovery and wellbeing of others, particularly through the use of self-compassion.