We work with many managers looking to support their colleagues and teams through what continues to be some of the most testing times any of us have experienced. 

The first step is simply to be open with people; to signal that you are there, to ask how they are feeling, and to provide time and space in the workday to check in with people. 

We offer specific workshops for managers. This is the poster showing what is on offer

For many staff, knowing they have somewhere to turn in times of difficulty can be the motivation they need to seek support, particularly for teams working remotely or in busy environments. 

As well as a range of workshops for your staff and teams, we also provide resources to help guide managers through conversations about wellbeing. NHS England training

If you’d like to talk about how you can arrange support for yourself or your team, drop us a line at hereforyousurreyneh@sabp.nhs.uk

Whether you are looking for arrange help for a colleague, your team or for yourself, we are Here for You. 

To find our live workshops, please visit our live workshop page.