George, a 50 year old male nurse working on a busy ICU ward, requested a 1:1 support session with a member of Here for You. He was struggling with flashbacks, panic, and difficulty sleeping that had worsened in the last couple of months after an incident at work. George had been unable to let a dying patient’s relatives come in-person to say goodbye due to COVID-19 restrictions at the time. He was struggling with feelings of guilt, ruminative thoughts, and anger that presented when on his way to work, seeing members of the public without masks or becoming hyper-vigilant when hearing others’ cough or come too close to him.


After a 1:1 session where he was able to speak openly in a safe and confidential environment he was offered an appropriate way to help him navigate his struggles called SHAPE coaching. 
He agreed to have six telephone coaching sessions at a regular time each week. George received internet links to different modules before each session and he completed each module as appropriate. Mindfulness and various exercises explored in the modules were used to help George and at the end of six sessions, George demonstrated a significant decrease in his struggles symptoms. He expressed benefit in learning tools and techniques to help him manage distress, and he was keen to explore his career further in line with the values he identified throughout our work together.